Monday, January 10, 2011


Before i go to bed.. I just want to share how grateful i am to GOD that How He made my 2010 perfect.
2010 was a lot of pains.. disappointments....discouragements...People came in and out of my life but a long the way in my journey.. God reminded me how weak i am.... self-centered and arrogant...He allowed these things in my life for a great purpose. 
God reminded me how He loves me great He was.. How good He was.. How perfect He was... How merciful He was... That He has a GREATER plan not to harm me but to prosper me.
Before the 2010 ended.. God gave me the more i desire for.. the less that i expected.. God gave me so much that i never really imagined.
The joy within my heart are overflowing... i met a lot of people...blessings were overflowing... filled with so much love.

SILENCE.... PAUSE.... These words are all i desired this 2011. A moment of SILENCE(PRAYER) will keep me in the right track on my journey... and PAUSE (listening to God) God's will is perfect.. Everything will be in SET..nothing to worry about. God is in control.


Thursday, January 6, 2011


Sometimes a break from your routine is the very thing you need..
Try something new. Do something fun. Be adventurous. 
These breaks can bring renewed energy into your work and your life. 


Waking up today was not quite good. My two nephews were too noisy. They played boxing early in the morning.. and you will be annoyed if only you could hear their voices. A little tiny high pitch voice. So irritating.. It really gives you a headache. Kahit ilang beses mo pa silang pagsabihan.. and they wont listen and keep on what they are doing! How would you react? What will you feel? and in a matter of seconds... one of them will come to you. and tell you that he's been hurt? and you are in the mood of feeling the morning but sadly not because you've been annoyed... this day is so different than yesterday.



Thinking what to write..
Thinking what to share...
Thinking of a subject to share for my first blog..
Should i write about my christmas happenings? or new year perhaps? reunions? parties?
hmmm.., thinking of sharing what did i do the whole day...
I woke up at 6 in the morning.. as usual with a morning kiss with my cute little niece wearing her lovely smile.. get off of bed and does my morning routine :)
ate my breakfast fried rice and chorizo with my family. 
Open my laptop ( as if its mine hahahaha) and logged in with one of my favorite social network :)
Checked who's online that time.. and waited for someone to online so i can asked about some info. of a workshop she offered me.  i enjoyed our last time conversation.. i noticed that we have the same passion   for helping our community.. i was really impressed and blessed how she and her group have the heart to helped the community.. And thinking of what makes them to this? where they got their funds?. 
A little simple way of help gives A BIG hope for young children in our community.
TALKING TO HER the whole day was very inspiring!!! 

I AM THINKING OF... before i will end this.. i want to share some thought..
If there's no passion in your life, you will never feel fulfillment within you.