Monday, January 10, 2011


Before i go to bed.. I just want to share how grateful i am to GOD that How He made my 2010 perfect.
2010 was a lot of pains.. disappointments....discouragements...People came in and out of my life but a long the way in my journey.. God reminded me how weak i am.... self-centered and arrogant...He allowed these things in my life for a great purpose. 
God reminded me how He loves me great He was.. How good He was.. How perfect He was... How merciful He was... That He has a GREATER plan not to harm me but to prosper me.
Before the 2010 ended.. God gave me the more i desire for.. the less that i expected.. God gave me so much that i never really imagined.
The joy within my heart are overflowing... i met a lot of people...blessings were overflowing... filled with so much love.

SILENCE.... PAUSE.... These words are all i desired this 2011. A moment of SILENCE(PRAYER) will keep me in the right track on my journey... and PAUSE (listening to God) God's will is perfect.. Everything will be in SET..nothing to worry about. God is in control.


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  1. Great post jeanne.Reflection time... :-)
    Go! Go! Go! Girl! Keep on writing... :-)