Thursday, January 6, 2011


Thinking what to write..
Thinking what to share...
Thinking of a subject to share for my first blog..
Should i write about my christmas happenings? or new year perhaps? reunions? parties?
hmmm.., thinking of sharing what did i do the whole day...
I woke up at 6 in the morning.. as usual with a morning kiss with my cute little niece wearing her lovely smile.. get off of bed and does my morning routine :)
ate my breakfast fried rice and chorizo with my family. 
Open my laptop ( as if its mine hahahaha) and logged in with one of my favorite social network :)
Checked who's online that time.. and waited for someone to online so i can asked about some info. of a workshop she offered me.  i enjoyed our last time conversation.. i noticed that we have the same passion   for helping our community.. i was really impressed and blessed how she and her group have the heart to helped the community.. And thinking of what makes them to this? where they got their funds?. 
A little simple way of help gives A BIG hope for young children in our community.
TALKING TO HER the whole day was very inspiring!!! 

I AM THINKING OF... before i will end this.. i want to share some thought..
If there's no passion in your life, you will never feel fulfillment within you. 

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